Kaleidoscope Colors

Chapter 1: Thunderstorm



    I woke up feeling a cold breeze on my face. It was going to be one of those cold and rainy days. The light in my room was way too weak, though my window was open. You could feel the dark atmosphere that the weather was bringing. Who would want to get out of his bed on a day like that? I know I wouldn’t. 
    I had a quick breakfast and went outside for a walk. Nothing frees your mind more than a walk. I needed to get my thoughts together since they were so scattered recently. There are many moments in our life that change us. Some are for good, others not so much. We can never be sure until we see the consequences. I was about to witness one of those moments today, though I never really understood that for years. 


– Am I late again?

– Sure you are, just like every time we go out!

 No one said that taking a walk should be done fast. Although, I am always late somehow, even when walking fast. Today, like every other day, I had a meeting with my friend for a cup of coffee. Due to my late arrival, I managed to piss Jake a little bit before we even started talking. Though, he’s a good friend, probably the best one I will ever have, so he can’t stay mad at me for too long. 

– I had a good reason, this time, trust me!

– Of course, you did.

– Should we order or you already did that? – I asked.

– Of course, I already ordered. There is no need to wait for you since I know what you’ll order.

  Damn! I was always like an open book to him. Well, at least it was just him, to everyone else I seemed like an unsolvable crossword or a puzzle with a missing unknown piece. But I liked that. I never wanted for someone to get close to me. The thought of someone looking at me in the eyes and see my soul terrified me to death. Safety first!

– Usually, this place is quite empty, how late was I?

– For some reason, it is a trendy place now, which means we have to start looking for a new lair. You know we both hate those types of places. The only thing you can find in a place like that is rich snob kids.

– You’re right, but we already ordered so let’s have a look at who’s here and make fun of them. That always cheers me up!

– You’re pure evil you know that.

– Call me evil as much as you want, but at least I’m realistic! There’s a difference. Besides those people need some honesty in their lives, since they all surrounded by fake friends and empty faces. For a moment there, I would have felt pity for them, but most of them actually love their lives. Who knows…

– Well, we don’t, and we’ll probably never find out, so who cares.

– True. We got much bigger things to worry about, like how to graduate high school. This last year has been a living hell. Not that the others were any different. How are we supposed to get good grades, when we hate sucking up to the teachers?

– We won’t so let’s just face the facts. Our chances of getting into a good university are insignificant. Also, we are going to look so useless to our family. Blessed!

– More like cursed! I swear to God, I hate this!

– I feel you! What’s not to hate? At least, we got our looks! If someone doesn’t hire us for our good grades, they will for the charmingness. We have to stay positive about it. I mean, it’s their loss. I’ve always wanted to be a footballer. But instead of that, I received a brain. My life would’ve been much easier.

– Hey, you’re still very talented! The closest one to Messi that I know. Besides, you know how dreams are. I’ve always dreamt of becoming an actress. And not a famous one, but someone who will inspire a lot of people with her role and act. We may not have a lot, but we still have our dreams and impossible or not, they’re ours!

– Who would’ve thought that you will be the one cheering me up? I guess miracles happen after all!

– You idiot! I’m not that negative all the time. I just have my moments!

– Sure, Kat. And I am a bus. Though, you still haven’t seen me shifting into a transformer right?

– Well, you are the biggest jerk of a bus for sure!

– I know! And I am very proud of it. Now let’s see if there’s some fresh fish in the sea here, shall we?

– Jake, are you trying to hook me up with someone again? You know that dating is not for me. What’s so bad about having some fun and then ditch? No strings attached, no headaches, fewer worries.

– Yeah, I’ve heard that speech before. It’s because you still haven’t met someone to sweep you off your feet. I’m telling you, that feeling is so magical!

– Jake, please, your gayness is showing. I think it’s time we stop your chick-flicks! I don’t need someone to sweep me off my feet. That’s scary. I prefer to stay on the ground. There’s no need of floating around like a lost parachute.

– Ugh, fine! You’re impossible you know that. I’ll go to the bathroom. Be right back.

  It’s always fun messing with Jake. He believes that every single one of us finds our soulmate at some time. That out there is a single soul that will fit only yours. I used to believe that my father truly loves my mother, but he turned out to be way too loving towards many other women. They divorced when I was 3. He used to come back late at night drunk and smelling like other women’s perfumes. In his drunkness, sometimes he hit my mother. Just to wake up in the next morning and pretend nothing happened. Mom died of cancer when I was 10. She was my only “soulmate”, and there’s nothing magical in that.


Jake was taking long. I guess the bathroom was full. While I was drinking my coffee and going through my thoughts, my eyes were scattering the place and looking at what the other people were doing. Most of them had their heads buried in their phones, instead of talking to each other, which was something very normal nowadays. Others were taking selfies, drinking, and smoking. But then, I saw something very different and unusual that caught my attention! In the right corner, there was a little table, for two people only, but there was only a single person sitting there. A girl, around my age, but younger, with a long black hair that looked neither straight or messy, but it was all too beautiful. Compared to my pale skin color, hers was dark like a cinnamon, but it fit her all too well. Her lips had perfect full shape and a strawberry red color. There was just something about that girl that made her different from anybody else in that place, and not just in there. I have never been mesmerized like that by someone.

She was sitting there, drinking coffee and water, and studying, from which I saw was English lit. She looked so different from everybody else, and not just because she was the only person studying in that place, but because she simply didn’t pay any attention to the world around her or what would the other people say because she’s sitting alone and doing something totally unusual for everybody else. I had no idea who that girl was, but I admired her!

While I was too busy observing this strange girl, the weather outside was getting worse. When I left home it was barely raining, but now, it was pouring so hard, that you could hear the raindrops hitting the ground. A storm was coming up. I loved storms. There is something truly beautiful about them, even though many people find them scary. I don’t. I have always liked the things that should be scary for me, like storms, fire, and lightning. And there it was, a lightning. It looked to magnificent and scary at the same time that it gave me chills. No one even noticed what was happening outside, not that someone cared. Well, not exactly no one. The girl in the corner picked her head up from her books and looked up into the sky with a smile on her face. I have never seen or believed someone can smile like that. Her face was glowing, she was enjoying the lightning like a little child enjoys playing with its toys. And then she turned around and looked right into my eyes. I was stunned. Her eyes were so dark and yet so deep. Most people think that there is nothing special with brown eyes, but not me. And her eyes, they were the perfect example of that. I couldn’t look away even if I wanted to. We stood frozen and kept our eyes on each other for a moment when it happened. From out of nowhere, a big thunder hit the sky and we both jumped out of our seats, looked at each other with fear and then turned around at the same time.


– Kat, are you okay? Hello? Earth to Katherine, anyone there?

– What?

– I am asking if you are okay, you look like you saw a ghost. What happened while I was away? Is the coffee too much for you?

– No, nothing happened. A thunder hit and I weren’t expecting it, so I got scared a little bit, that’s all.

– Whatever you say, weirdo!

 I was really afraid, but that thunder wasn’t the reason.


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