How the death of a fictional LGBT character inspired us all

I wanted to write this down 2 months ago, but somehow I never found the right words to do it. Today, I woke up and finally summarized everything that I wanted to write down in my head. This is not going to be about feminism or how being different in the 21st century still doesn’t mean you are safe. I am dedicating this post to everyone who felt the magic and fell in love with this exact fictional character – the guest star of “The 100”- Alycia Debnam Carey!

Alycia was portraying the Grounders commander – Lexa. She joined the show in episode 2×06 and died at episode 3×07, a short, but memorable role! For me, Lexa had the character, the attitude, and the grace, that is almost impossible to find these days. She was as heroic and brave, as much as she was weak and vulnerable, just like all of us. A person who puts the others first, and herself at last. Someone who is willing to fight for her life, in order to bring peace. How many of us out there would do the same? Not many. The world is filled with cruelty and anger. So many people struggle with being poor, different, or misunderstood.


I have never believed that I will see a change. Something that will make an impact and help people realize that they need to stand up for themselves and be good to each other. Until recently. I have watched many shows and movies, and many of them touched me and changed my point of view, but not as much as the character of Lexa did. We, the little people, the ones that live in the shadows of the bigger people, and the ones that want to raise their voice high but are afraid to do so, all of us need someone brave and graceful to look up to – and we found it! I am sure it is not just me who feels that way, and that I am speaking from every single person who feels the same way as me. There was something in Lexa that had the spark that we all want to see lightened in ourselves. That fire and ability to love, that we all keep hidden within us and are afraid to show.

And for what is worth, many people were able to come out and embrace their inner selfs thanks to this amazing character, played by the even more amazing actress Alycia Debnam-Carey. Speaking for myself, as someone who is incapable of showing her true feelings and emotions,  I think that I have finally found the courage to do that. And for all of you, there is nothing better than finding and keeping that one special person in your life, that only comes once in a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to show your true self. There is magic within all of us!  All we have to is embrace it!


Let us all be fierce, brave, and loving as much as Lexa is. Show the world that we are not insignificant and small. There is a prove of it all! The impact that the character of Lexa had on so many people is already visible to the world. Over $100 000 dollars and raising have been donated to the Trevor Project. And I am sure, that all of this is just the begging! I am happy, to be a part of this “fandom”, because between all of these unknown to me people, I feel like home. A place where you know your voice is heard and you are all a part of something big and amazing. May we all unlock our inner Lexa and face the world no matter how tough it is! And, let us all be able to love, like the way Lexa loved Clarke! Reshop Heda, and may we meet again!



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