The effect of Air Pollution

This was a student essay I wrote recently about the effect of air pollution – how it affects us, how important the subject is and how to prevent air pollution as much as possible!

It’s very important that we take care of the atmosphere on our planet since it is shared by every person. When a single person, a couple of people, or an entire nation, affects the atmosphere, it affects every single one of us. It would be very hard for us to survive without the atmosphere. Humans can go days without any water, weeks without any food, but only a couple of minutes without air. We breathe 13 kg of air every day, compared to 2.4 kg of food and 1 kg drinking liquid. The atmosphere also affects the weather and has an influence on our daily lives. She also keeps us protected, by keeping the Earth warmer, this is also known as the greenhouse effect. The average temperature on our planet would be below freezing without the atmosphere!

Do you know that breathing polluted air can damage your health? Air pollution can cause damage not only to us but to the ecosystems, crops, lakes, animals. Air pollution not only damages the natural environment but also damages monuments, building and statues. Our atmosphere provides oxygen for us and for the animals to breathe, also carbon dioxide for plants. Animals and plants receive the water needed to survive through the hydrological cycle. All of those and much more are reasons for us to keep our atmosphere clean of polluted air.


  • Air Pollution damage on Your Health

    If you breathe polluted air, it can make your nose and eyes burn. It will make your breathing difficult by irritating your throat. Ground level ozone and tiny airborne particles can unlock respiratory problems. A study showed that today, almost 30 million children and adults in the US have been diagnosed with asthma. People who suffer asthma can be affected severely by air pollution.

Vinyl chloride or benzene, are highly toxic chemicals, which when released in the air can cause birth defects, cancer, nerve and brain damage, and long-term lungs injury. There are also cases in which breathing that air that can cause death. We are the ones who pollute the atmosphere and destroy the ozone or create smog.

The cause of the thinning of the protective ozone layer is caused by other pollutants that make their way into the upper part of the atmosphere.  In 1952, there was a historic London fog, which was a sporadic air pollution event, and there was a number of long and storm term epidemiological studies that were investigating the effects of the changing air quality on human health. The result of any studies shows that air pollutants contribute to increased hospital admissions and deaths.

We are usually not exposed to single substances, but to pollutant mixtures, that can lead to diverse impacts on our health. The effects on human health can range from difficulty in breathing and nausea to skin irritation and cancer. This also includes birth defects, reduced activity of the immune system, serious evolutional delays in children, which will lead to a number of diseases. There are several susceptibility factors like nutritional status, age and predisposing conditions.


  • Air Pollution damage to the Environment

Chemicals and toxic air pollutions that form ground-level ozone and acid rain can damage wildlife, trees, crops, lakes and any other bodies of water. They can also harm fish and any other aquatic life. A toxic called Sulphur dioxide, which is released from fossil fuel burning, which occurs in households, industries, transport. The deposition of this toxic has killed fish in streams and lakes, caused forest dying and corrosion of cultural heritage.

Ozone reduces forest growth and crop yield, it also damages the appearance of leaf crops. Black or purple stippling between the veins in the top part of the leaves are the first signs of ozone damage to vegetation. For humans, it also increases hospital admissions and reduces life expectancy.

  • Air pollution and the Economy

The environmental, health and economic impacts of air pollution are very important. The polluted air causes thousands of illnesses every day, which leads to lost days at school and at work. It also reduces commercial forest yields and agricultural crop by billions of dollars every year.


Air pollution will continue to be a problem in the future. It continues to cause respiratory illnesses, reducing the economic value of crops, affecting ecosystem services, and contributing to climate changes.


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