Protecting your privacy with Bug Detectors

Living in a time, where the privacy of one’s live is not so private to other people who disobey the rules and use spyware devices or spy cameras to invade their lives. Spy cameras are being put in some unexpected and private places these days. They can be found in hotel rooms, bathrooms, changing rooms and etc. Being aware of those devices can really come in handy!

Those activities are illegal and are prohibited, but that doesn’t mean that someone won’t use them to take advantage of the personal space of others. The bug detector is used as an anti-surveillance device, which captures different types of spyware gadgets near you. They come in shapes, sizes and functions, depending on the place they are being used. The small bug detectors can be used to track audio bugs in phones, or smaller similar devices. The larger bug detectors can spy from cameras to larger and bigger equipment. The price of the bug detector is calculated by its size, or how much more technology advanced they are. Some of them can also steal the radio frequency (RF) signal and display what the camera sees. The bug detectors work really easy. Spy cameras and even computer networks work by transmitting radio signals from one localization to another. Those signals are called RF and are being tracked down with the bug detectors easily. This radio frequency function is easy to use and detects a wireless signal up to 25 feet away. The device simply scans the surrounding area for radio signals and reports if it detects anything. Their frequency range is in 2Ghz or 3Ghz, but there are more powerful bug detectors, which are usually used by the police and their range is up to 9Ghz. Wireless spy devices are the easiest one that can be tracked down because they use RF signals also.

The advancing of the technologies these days can now even spot a wired CCTV camera in the area, which leads to the point that bug trackers are involving more and more. Scanning the home, office, personal and mobile phones, or a secretly placed GPS tracking device in a car, becomes an easy task. Bug detectors are super-easy to use and work with because surveillance technology becomes smaller and more detailed with every single day. Used by private detectors, police officers, security professionals, or even a normal person who wants to protect his private life, one thing is for sure – bug detectors are one of the best useful innovations of this century.


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